How to Clean Diamond Jewelry at Home?

Do you know that it is important to keep diamond jewelry clean in order to shine for a long time? If your jewelry has been worn for a period of time, then think about why it suddenly becomes dull and loses its vitality, this is the case with a dirty diamond.

Usually, the main culprit for the dirty diamonds is the oil residue that is produced by finger or skin contact. As dirty grimes accumulates on the surface, it can seriously damage the light transmission properties of the diamond.

Just remember one fact that even a thin layer of grease attached to the diamond surface can change the angle of light refraction and reflection, resulting in poor dazzling and brilliance.

When it comes to keeping your diamond clean and shining, there are some ways you can do with a simple cleaning at home.

In the end, the type of all your diamonds and rings will determine the most suitable cleaning method. For example, a specific ring design with 4 prongs or 6 prongs inlays is relatively easier to clean than an edged inlay design.

10 Steps to Clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home Easily

Generally, the following 10 steps are applicable to most diamond jewelry.

Simple steps for a routine cleaning at home

Step 1: Take a cup of warm water.

The water temperature is moderate and your hands will not be too hot to the touch. Never use the sink, because you don’t want your treasures to be accidentally washed away.

Step 2: Put some detergent in warm water and stir well.

You only need to put in a little detergent to get diluted soapy water.

Step 3: Soak your diamond in soapy water for about 10 minutes.

This is enough to break down the grease and it will be easier to clean.

Step 4: Take another cup of warm water and put a little glass cleaner containing ammonia.

Never use chlorine-containing cleaners, as they may react with some jewelry metals.

Dirty diamond. No one likes to look at dirty jewelry

Step 5: After soaking in detergent for 10 minutes, remove your jewelry and put it in a second container with glass cleaner.

(Steps 4 and 5 are optional, it is recommended to use if your jewelry is too dirty)

Step 6: Take the jewelry out of the soaking liquid and start cleaning with a soft brush.

Use a soft brush to gently scrub all cut faces of the diamond. Since dirt adheres to the edges and the back of the ring under normal circumstances, you may need to paint these areas again.

If the jewelry is a claw-shaped inlay design, be careful not to brush the floor too hard, because the ring claws may hook the soft brush, and when you use force to pull it out, the diamond may loosen.

Step 7: After brushing, put the diamond jewelry back into soapy water with detergent.

Brush the jewelry in the detergent to wash away loose dirt.

Step 8: Now, rinse the jewelry with clean running water.

If you are washing in the sink, remember to block the sink to avoid accidentally losing your jewelry.

Step 9: Use a lint-free cloth to dry the jewelry, and use a hair dryer to dry it if necessary.

Tip: Don’t let the water on the ring evaporate naturally, as this may leave a watermark on the diamond.

Step 10: Do a quick routine inspection of your jewelry to check for damage, such as loose claws.

Final Words

If the 10 steps won’t produce the ideal result, it means your diamond jewelry is very dirty. We recommend going to the jewelry store for professional cleaning, because they have special equipment, such as a steam jet jewelry cleaner that can remove stubborn dirt. What’s more worth mentioning is that these cleaning services are usually provided free of charge and can be completed when you send your jewelry for repair or routine inspection.

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